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41. What do I do with old computers?

See also: After my employment at the university has finished, may I bring home my old computer?
See also: What software applications do the university have that I can install?

Why cannot I just leave it at the electronic recycle room?

The data on the drive (usually a hard drive with permanent storage) in most cases contain software with licenses belonging to Uppsala University (Windows, Office, Adobe etc).

Sometimes the drive contain passwords (stored in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Thunderbird etc), password hashes (kerberos keys in Windows, macOS etc) or private keys (PyTTY, OpenSSH etc).x

Sometimes the drives also contain sensitive personal data or data of other sensitive nature.

Option one - give it to BMC-IT

  1. Please fill in the form Data deletion approval.
  2. Give the computer to BMC-IT. We will either scrap it or try to reuse the parts. If it is not for scrapping or possible reuse we cannot store it.
  3. Report the computer as scrapped in the department inventory.

Option two - scrap it right away

  1. Remove the hard drive (or other permanent storage).
  2. Please fill in the form Data deletion approval.
  3. Give the hard drive to BMC-IT (or your Local IT).
    1. If the drive contain really sensitive data it will be sent to the Security and safety division or the facility they recommend.
    2. If the data is not as sensitive and the drive is meaningsful to reuse, we will erase the drive on the block level (killdisk) and then reuse it.
  4. Bring the computer to the electronic recycle room at The Goods reception at BMC.
  5. Report the computer as scrapped in the department inventory.


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