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156. After my employment at the university has finished, may I bring home my old computer?

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Unfortunately no. The computer belongs to the university even if you bought it with your research money through the university. This is the general rule.

In certain cases, if you move your employment to another government facility, like another university, it may be ok if all of the following rules match:

  1. It has to be a government facility (like a university). The computer may not be brought to a private company even if the private company do research.
  2. There has to be an agreement (understanding) between the old employer (head of department) and the new employer.
  3. The equipment has to be removed from the university (department) inventory and added to the new employers (department) inventory. The equipment will not belong to the individual but follow the normal rules of the new employer.

Also be aware that the storage of the computer usually contain sensitive data. Before scrapping or repurposing equipment you have two options;

  1. Remove the permanent storage and send it to destruction. Permanent storage may be a hard drive (HDD), a solid state drive (SSD) etc.
  2. Overwrite the whole of the permanent storage with other data on the block level. (This may take a couple of hours.)

    Please note that even block level wipe of the storage does not delete bad blocks. If the data is so sensitive that this is not acceptable the storage has to be destroyed and cannot be repurposed.

Contact BMC-IT for help with this.

From time to time, the department, campus or university may sell old equipment to the employees. But it has to be sold at market value and the costs involved have to be covered. All software licensed to the university have to be removed. For example all our versions of Windows and Office have to be removed. Instead of Windows for example Ubuntu or any other free operating system or software may be installed. In practice all of this makes it very hard to sell old equipment in an usable state at a reasonable price.

Read more in Regler för försäljning av inventarier UFV 2008/159 (local copy)

Old equipment may sometimes be valuable in itself. The computer in the picture is a PDP-12 belonging to the Update computer club at Uppsala University.


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