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106. Backing up via Rsync to Btrfs snapshots

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BMC-IT is running a service for simple incremental file based backups to disk using Rsync and Btrfs snapshots. The service is used internally in BMC-IT for servers we do system administration for. You you can set up a similar system if you want to.

  • The computer to be backed up must run a SSH server with Rsync - in practice this is usually macOS and Linux.

  • The computer to be backed up must be contacted from the backup server using a host name. In practice this means the computer to be backed up must be a server that is always on.
  • This is not a good way of backing up large files that are constantly changing - for example virtual machine images. Instead let the virtual machine be backed up from inside the guest operating system.

The service is documented in the SOP - Rsync backup to Btrfs snapshots.


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