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24. How do I take backup of the data on my computer?

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Option 1: Keep all data on file server and let the system administrators take backup

  • Different departments have different strategies on file servers. But this will more and more be central service at the university. The central HNAS file server has built in backups and also snapshots for old versions of files. This is good practice for both macOS and Windows.

Option 2: Keep all data on the computer and take backup on your own

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  • The university as a central service running TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) run by IT-division that can be used for enterprise grade backup. Data will be stored in three versions up to 10 years, but this can of course be tweaked to any appropriate numbers. Use this for important documents. This is generally not set up on all client computers. Good for servers.

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  • For simple cheap backup, use for example on macOS the built in Time Machine Backup together with a local hard drive. There is no reason to not take backup this way too, because it so easy and cheap to set up. Understand that a shared time capsule is not much better than a single local hard drive, a good such service requires redundant hard drives.

    This is an just acceptable solution but requires discipline and using one local Time Machine hard drive at home and another at work is better. The most important thing with this type of backup is that at least one of the local Time Machine hard drives that you use must not travel with you and your computer. It stays at home! If the computer and backup are stored in the same location, there is a big risk that all data will disappear in case of theft or destruction of another kind (e.g. fire and liquids).

Discuss with if you need advice in this or help buying extra hardware or order storage space on a file server.


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