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76. Why did my Adobe licenses stop working?

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When the licensing do not work on Adobe software the computer will print the message License denied on this computer.

Two reasons why this may happen

  1. From time to time (every year) the license administration department (Inköpsavdelningen) Uppsala University remove all computers from the the license server for Adobe software that do not have an appropriate license in the license register (Progdist). This may affect you if:

    • No license have been registered (due to human error, misunderstanding etc)
    • The wrong computer name is in the register (again human error mostly)
    • The computer name contains strange characters (for example apostrophes or other uncommon characters in the names can cause problems when transferring computer names between systems)
    • You got a new computer with a new name but the old computer and name is still in the register.
    • The computer got multiple names and one is in the register and one is in the license server.
  2. If you have logged into Adobe Creative Cloud then the licenses you are using in the cloud are being used and not the Uppsala University licenses. The software will then be unlicensed.

    Check this by opening the Help menu. Look for the Sign Out ( entry. If you are signed in you must Sign Out in order to use your licenses at the university. (And you must get help to relicense the software.)

What to do?

  1. Send the computer name to and what software you are using that is causing the problem.
  2. We will check the license register to make sure the license register contain the correct computer name.
  3. We have to manually run a special program for relicensing the already installed software on the computer. This can be done via remote control, via bringing the computer to BMC-IT or maybe someone have to out to the computer.
  4. The software will then start to work again. Perhaps there will be a period of waiting until the license department has reactivated the computer.
  5. Do not log into Adobe Creative Cloud.


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