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78. How does the new Adobe Creative Cloud Named license model work?

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The Named license is attached to the user who the license is registered to and can be installed on multiple computers. The cost for a NAMED USER license is a bit higher but it has it advantages. For instance, you can install it on severalcomputers and mobile units. Then, you choose which two units that shall be activated by logging in to Adobe CC on them. When you want to activate a third unit, you will get a question about which one of the already activated units you want to deactivate and because it is as simple as logging out from Adobe CC on the chosen unit, it's easy to have access to Adobe CC on several units with a NAMED USER-license.

Important! - The Named User license contains functionality for cloud storage at Adobe. There are special rules for what and what not to store in a cloud service. It is completely forbidden for certain types of information. The user must know and comply with the regulations for cloud storage. Guidelines are available below, and decision regarding use of cloud storage with Adobe's Named license is available below.


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