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131. How do I use AddPrinterGUI to add printers in Windows 7/8/10 x64?

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If you have ZENworks on the computer

Look for the app PrintGUI in the ZENworksapplication Window and start it.

Continue below with installing the printers.

If you do not have ZENworks

  1. Access the share:

    • If the computer is connected to the Active Directory at Uppsala University (USER-AD) then go to the share \\\BMCI\Common
    • If the computer is NOT connected to the Active Directory then the same share can be reached at \\\BMCIT-Common or \\\BMCIT-Common
  2. Either map the drive in Windows or navigate to the paths in File Explorer.

    Here is an example from Windows 10 when we navigated to \\\BMCIT-Common:

    Here is an example from Windows Server 2008 when we navigated to \\\BMCIT-Common:

    Here is an example how it looks like in Windows 7 when we navigated to \\\BMCI\Common:

  3. Enter the directory called Apps_Printers_PC. There should be a file called AddPrinterGUI.exe. Open it.

  4. You really want to start it.

Installing the printers

The application shows a list of printers. The list is different depending on what subnet (department) your computer currently is located (or computer name). To view all printers in the application click on All but usually you don't need to since all printers you have access to should show up in the list.

Choose your printer and install it by double clicking. Wait a moment for it to install.

You have to be local administrator to add a printer.

If your printer do not show up in the list

If you want printers added to the list, look in the file PrinterList.txt to understand the format, then e-mail the printers you want added to or

AddPrinterGUI and the drivers installed with AddPrinterGUI are only available in English.

The full list of printers

The full list of printers that AddPrinterGui is using is stored in the file PrinterList.txt in the same folder.


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