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81. How do I access my work-computer from home?

See also: How to connect with VPN using AnyConnect in Windows
See also: How do I mount my home directory or shared storage at HNAS?
  1. Find out if you need access to the files or the actual computer running programs on it.
  2. If you only need access to the files, then it might be easier to store the files on a file server. Access the files in a secure way from home over VPN connecting to the file server.
  3. If you need access to the computer to be able to run programs on the computer, then:
    1. Allow someone to connect to your computer using Remote Desktop Connection. (Read HOWTO in Swedish or Read HOWTO in English)
    2. Lock the computer to a specific IP (Contact your Local IT, computer name, your current IP and MAC-address)
    3. .. and open in the router filter so that you can run remote desktop from the VPN to the computer. (This is also done by your Local IT.)


In Mac, get Microsoft Remote Desktop which is free in the App Store.

Add a new host hosts with login (with the windows domain) and password and then Start!

Remember to add the Windows domain in for example the format username@domain, if the host is connected to a Windows domain.


In Windows, start Remote Desktop Connection and enter the details and then Connect.

Linux Ubuntu

Install rdesktop and run for example this command:

rdesktop -p MySecretPassword -u _jny25782-T -d USER -x 0x80 -g 1800x1100 -k sv


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