SVN Integration

Install TortoiseSVN as the Subversion (SVN) client. This application gives you SVN version control directly integrated with the Windows Explorer Shell:

Check Out

See the documentation about certificate based login and key manager if you are going to access the SVN repositiry over SSH. Use svn+ssh://user@server/path as the project path if checking out using SVN over SSH.

Picture showing a project being checked out.

Command Line Tools

If you selected "command line client tools" during install, then you can open a cmd.exe and run the svn command from there.


Install the Subversion packages from Cygwin. It could be a good idea use Cygwin, even with TortoiseSVN installed, just to make use of its superior UNIX commands (i.e. grep) and shell (bash).

See the Cygwin documentation for integration tips.