Expect Script - Windows

Expect script are files read by expect that can be used to automate testing of expected input/output from commands and network services:

     spawn telnet localhost 3751
     expect "fwexamd*\r"
     send "begin\r"
     expect "OK\r"
     send "initialize\r"
     expect "OK\r"

It's a common tool found on UNIX/Linux, but can also be runned on Windows too using Cygwin. Install expect and inetutils (if telnet is missing).

Integration with Visual Studio

Having Cygwin Bash opened direct in the directory containing the expect scripts makes life easier. Add an external tool menu entry in Visual Studio:

For usage, select an expect script in the solution explorer and press "Tools -> Cygwin Bash Shell". You can now run the expect script from the Bash login shell:

This instruction has been tested and used with Cygwin 2.870 on Windows 7 (64-bit) together with Visual Studio 2008. More information can be found on the mintty tips page.