System information collector for GNU/Linux systems

Screenshot from Linux showing dolphin


This is a collection of scripts that collects system information about the GNU/Linux system they are executed on and send it to root by email.

All scripts are written for the standard shell (/bin/sh) and can easilly be extended or modified. Only standard command (like mount) and locations (like /proc) is used, but root-privileges is probably required.



Just unpack the files to the default installation directory /usr/local/sysinfo. Change the path inside if you're installing somewhere else.

Make sure that UNIX mail for root is setup (or forwarded) and that the mail/mutt command accepts -a (attach files).


To keep system information up-to-date, consider running monthly by creating a link in /etc/cron.monthly:

ln -s /usr/local/sysinfo/ /etc/cron.monthly/sysinfo

Make sure to test that work before schedule it using cron.