Process monitor for GNU/Linux (procmon)

This application scans the table of running processes, killing those that has exceeds a given CPU-time limit or has gone for lunch. Filtering of processes is optionally done on command name, ranging from absolute to fuzzy.

The procmon application is etiher runned periodical in single-shot mode from command line or crontab, or runned as procmond forked into the background as a daemon process.


The procps package should be installed (with development headers and libs) before trying to compile this application source code.

Daemon mode

The process can be controlled by sending signals when running as daemon. Sending SIGKILL or SIGTERM will ask the daemon to exit. Sending SIGHUP will force the process to immediate begin a scanning of running processes.


These are some of the options supported by procmon (dump from version 0.8.4):

Usage: procmon [options...]
  -c,--command=name: Name of command to monitor.
  -n,--limit=sec:    Max execution time limit (3600 sec).
  -b,--daemon:       Fork to background running as daemon.
  -x,--script=path:  Execute script when signal process.
  -s,--signal=num:   Send signal to processes (15).
  -i,--interval=sec: Poll interval (60 sec).
  -f,--foreground:   Don't detach from controlling terminal.
  -z,--fuzzy:        Enable fuzzy match of command name.
  -m,--dry-run:      Don't kill processes, only monitor and report.

The process can drop privileges (permanent or temporary) between scannings. These options are not showed above in the options excerpt, but should be familiar to everyone.


There is another project for GNU/Linux with the same project name. It is an old kernel module dating back to 2002. This project is in no way connected with that project.