Disk I/O load generator and performance measure tool (iogen)

This program can be used for generating file I/O and measuring the performance. The block size and file size can be varied and mixed in different ways, including performing the same task sequence multiple times (-c).


These are some of the options supported by iogen (dump from version 1.0.1):

Usage: src/iogen [options..]
  -f,--file=name:   The output file name.
  -s,--size=bytes:  The number of bytes to write (104857600).
  -b,--block=size:  Number of bytes to write at once (8192).
  -p,--pad=size:    Write size bytes to file before starting measure timers.
  -c,--count=num:   Number of iterations (1).
  -m,--multi=type:  Enable multi mode. The type value is either seq or mix.
  -t,--timer:       Collect timing statistics.
  -r,--report=type: Set report type. The type value is either tab, csv, xml or human.

The -s argument should be set to a sufficient large value when measuring true disk I/O performance to minimize effects of the file system cache.