ChemGPS Application Suite - About


The chemgps-sqp2 package contains a daemon, client and standalone program for making predictions using Umetrics SIMCA-QP. The programs is based on the libchemgps library (should be installed before trying to build this package).

The cgpsclt/cgpsd works together and provides a client/server solution. Communication is done using local (UNIX socket) and networks (TCP socket) connections.

The cgpsstd (standalone) binary is considered to be a test tool. Use the client/server solution for production systems.



The ChemGPS client. Sends prediction requests to cgpsd. This application can be built without dependencies on libchemgps (and SIMCA-QP) by enable the --enable-foreign option for the configure script.


The ChemGPS daemon. Answer prediction requests from cgpsclt. The daemon is multithreaded and implements a variant of the boss/worker model used by i.e. HTTP-servers.


The ChemGPS standalone program. Works without chemgpsd or cgpsclt. This program function as chemgps-sqp (the old standalone program), but uses libchemgps for its functionality.



This is a load testing utility (distributed denial of service - DDOS). It works by assigning some computers as slaves and then from a master node order all slaves to start running predictions (connecting) to the cgpsd daemon. See the file utils/cgpsddos/README for examples.


This utility serves a similiar purpose as cgpsddos, but runs multiple cgpsclt instances instead.