Welcome to the Batchelor demo!

About the demo

This is a simple demo of the Batchelor queue manager that translate the uploaded text using the thief language (sjörövarspråket in swedish).

Its an simple language translation that for each consonant adds an 'o' right after it and then the consonant once again at the end. For example the letter 'b' becomes 'bob' and the word 'jag' becomes 'jojagog'.

Start translate

Click here to go to the submit page where you can upload your text for translation.

About the service

The result of each translated job will be automatic deleted after one month. The result can only be downloaded from the same compulter that submitted the job.

Hello world

A new programming language is often introduced by a small "hello world" program that just prints "hello world" on the screen. In the thief language the words "hello world" is translated as "hohelollolo wowororloldod".