Batchelor - batch job queue manager

About Batchelor

Do you have standalone applications that you like to make available for use over the web? Then Batchelor might be a solution for you!

Batchelor is a batch queue manager allows jobs with long run times to be submitted to the web server and scheduled for later execution by its batch queue. Think of it as an hosting service for standalone program, making them available for use over the web.

Users (submitters) can monitor the state of their submitted jobs (pending, running or finished) and later download the result from the queue view, either through a web browser or using the web service API.

Features of Batchelor:

  • Easy to install, extend and adapt.
  • Template system for customizing the user interface.
  • Web service interface (REST, SOAP, HTTP RPC and XML-RPC)
  • No database is required.
  • Works with all browsers, even text-based (no javascript required).
  • Supports system wide and personal statistics.
  • Work queues can be named and shared among different users.

Real world usage:

At least two scientific applications is currently using batchelor:

Latest news (2011-11-12):

It's now possible to name and share queues between users and have multiple queues per user. This is particular useful for users moving between different locations or those behind a NAT firewall. Job result can now be published and made available extern.

Latest news (2011-09-06):

Added support for custom pre/post execution scripts to run before/after a job is runned. Useful for process accounting, backup of results or for notify users. These scripts are either defined globally or per user (submitter).

Web service API (2009-05-14):

The web service API is now stable. Currently is provides SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), REST (Representational State Transfer), HTTP RPC (with various output formats like XML, FOA, JSON, WDDX and PHP) and XML-RPC.

The web service API client library for Java can be downloaded from here.