Batchelor Web Service API Java library


This library makes it an easy task to write client side applications that integrates with Batchelor (the batch job queue manager) thru its web service interfaces (currently the SOAP and RESTful service are supported).

The purpose is to present a simple to use API that allows end users to communicate with the web service, without having to get dirty in all details of encoding/decoding messages passed between your application and the server.

The target audience are people writing client side applications or integrating Batchelor in business-to-business systems. Those who likes to roll their own bindings can still do so.

Getting started:

Start by looking at the API documentation for the BatchelorRestClient or BatchelorSoapClient. Once you have created your service object, you can start communicate with the Batchelor web service using the methods defined by the WebServiceInterface interface.

In general its recommended that you use the REST client as it provides enhanced versions of some methods not available from the SOAP client (due to its tight binding to XML).