iServ - Resource booking system - Introduction

iServ is a web application for booking shared resources (i.e. meeting rooms or projectors). It has a simple browse and click user interface and a fairly complete administration section.

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In addition to being open source (thus freely modifiable), can be mentioned these features:

  • Intuitive user interface, easy to get started using.
  • Builtin administration tool (manage users, groups, objects, policies, ...)
  • Online account subscription (store accounts in local SQL database).
  • The template system allows extending booking with custom fields (XML-based).
  • New authentication types can be added with small changes.
  • Custom object description is embedded in the booking table.
  • Compatible with PHP 3.x - 5.x

Access control:

Access to bookable resources can be controlled on user or group level. Its also possible to define number of repeating booking or how long time in advance a booking can be made. Bookable areas/objects can be locked (for new bookings), optional with a redirect page or popup info.


iServ has been tested to run on UNIX/Linux (recommended) or Windows. Installing to Windows is not a task that is being thoroughly tested. Mac OS X and other UNIX like system should probably also work (see requirements).