SlimBook - Simple XML schema for web page markup and type setting of books.

This package provides a simple XML schema targeted at writing technical manuals in either book (multiple chapters) or page (single chapter) form.

Output formats

The XML schema can be used on its own or together with the PHP classes provided by this package. Using the PHP classes, its possible to render the SlimBook XML document in various formats (e.g. HTML, PDF, DVI, MS Word or LaTeX/TeX).

Picture 1. Showing Netbeans auto complete of XML tags.


This package can be integrated with Apache to provide an XML based web site using the handler.php script. The same XML book can be used to provide multiple web pages, making it ideal for online manuals. See setup page.

Creating XML documents

Using Netbeans IDE, right click on a folder in the projects window and select XML document as template. In the wizard, select the SlimBook XML schema.

In the wizard, choose to etiher create a book or a single page.