BMC/UUP-HTML - Object oriented HTML class library

The BMC/UUP-HTML is an object oriented PHP library for generating HTML. It consists of component, container and utility classes making it possible to e.g. compose a form or table without having to bother with HTM tags.


The usage pattern is to create an container object (like a form) and add child containers and components to it. Once composed, just call output() to make it generate the HTML code.

The add methods create and return a object. This makes it easy to incremental adding child objects and setting properties on them. Heres an simple example on this concept for a form:

        $options = array('opt1' => 'val1', 'opt2' => 'val2');
        $form = new Form('script.php');
        $combo = $form->addComboBox('opt');                   // Got ComboBox object in return
        foreach($options as $name => $value) {
            $option = $combo->addOption($value, $name);       // Get Option object in return
        $form->output();                                      // Output this form

All objects can be added to another container. The output is started when calling output() on the top container. We could do like this:

        $paragraph = new Paragraph();
        $paragraph->addElement($form);         // Add form to paragraph
        $paragraph->output();                  // Calls output on form object implicit


Javascript events can be attached to all objects by appending a code fragment for wanted event:

        $textbox = new TextBox('username');
        $textbox->setEvent(Event::ON_BLUR, 'if(this.value === "") { alert("Username can't be empty"); this.focus(); }');

A couple of prepared event handler is defined in the Event class:

        $textbox = new TextBox('username');
        $textbox->setEvent(Event::ON_DOUBLE_CLICK, EVENT_HANDLER_CLEAR_CONTENT);