The Visual Development Tutorial

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez

Revision 1.00.01

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Visual Tutorial is a tutorial that will show the reader how to use KDevelop and Qt's Designer to create applications visually . We will create an application that will allow us to open an image and tint it with different colors. Later, we will change the interface to allow the user to specify also an alpha channel intensity.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Downloading and starting KDevelop and Designer
Running KDevelop
3. Creating the application
Creating a new project
Compiling what KDevelop did for us
Understanding the basic structure
4. First changes to the sources
Removing things we won't use
5. Using the designer
Adding a .ui file
Using the designer
Integrating designer with kdevelop
6. Making the Designer generated widget work
Adding names, slots and connections
Implementing slots
7. Removing flicker using a timer
8. Loading and manipulating a pixmap
Loading a pixmap
Blending the colors
9. Modifying the existing UI
Adding the alpha slider
Adding the color chooser button
10. Adding the new method implementations
Support for the alpha slider
Support for the color button
11. Some fixes here and there
Fixing the color button.
Fixing the initial pixmap used
12. Adding more features
Making possible to save the result
Adding Drag&Drop support
A. Credits and License